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Health Effects of Asbestos

Asbestos Disease has Killed over 43,000 People since 1979*

The health effects of asbestos can be devastating for individuals and their loved ones. Asbestos—widely used in the military, construction, automotive and many other industries—is known to cause serious diseases such as asbestosis and asbestos mesothelioma. Often the health effects of asbestos don't manifest for years or even decades following a victim's asbestos exposure.

When these adverse health effects of asbestos do become evident, asbestos disease is often aggressive and even fatal.

We are dedicated to helping patients and their families understand the health effects of asbestos and how to manage asbestos disease (including asbestos mesothelioma). We seek to provide our visitors with resources and information that will help them make important decisions and assist them in getting the financial, medical, and emotional support they need, as well as a means to seeking asbestos legal help.

*Evironmental Working Group data (

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Mesothelioma Victim Washed Late Husband’s Work Clothes Mesothelioma Victim Washed Late Husband’s Work Clothes
Rochdale, UK: It’s rare, but it happens. And when it does, it’s devastating for the victim, and the victim’s family. What’s even more tragic is that Vivienne Swain, a native of the UK who resides in Rochdale, has suffered loss twice: once when her husband died from a brain disease in his early forties, and now through a diagnosis of Mesothelioma. Swain now faces the loss of her own life: there is no cure for asbestos mesothelioma. When she was diagnosed in August of 2015, she was given three years to live.

Asbestosis Risk has been known since Roman Times Asbestosis Risk has been known since Roman Times
Edmonton, AB: While a class action lawsuit waged against Halliburton Co. has gone on for some 14 years, it’s been more than 114 years that knowledge about the dangers of asbestos and asbestosis lung disease has been known. Only in the last few decades has the industrialized world taken the risks of asbestos seriously by phasing asbestos out in certain products, and asbestos abatement procedures for the renovation industry has reflected the adoption of asbestos as a carcinogen, and a truly hazardous material.

Salvage Owner Jailed for Asbestos Violations Salvage Owner Jailed for Asbestos Violations
Owensboro, KY: It’s a situation that is the closest one might come to a crystal ball: the sentencing of a salvage company owner who allowed the demolition of an asbestos-laden tire plant without protecting his workers from asbestos fibers. As it takes asbestos mesothelioma some 30 years to emerge in most cases, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that new asbestos claims may well be stemming from this incident three decades from now.

Asbestosis Lawsuit Plaintiff Hopes for a New Day with New Trial Asbestosis Lawsuit Plaintiff Hopes for a New Day with New Trial
West Palm Beach, FL: An asbestosis lawsuit that originally found for the plaintiff but was overturned on appeal, has seen the appellate ruling upheld after the Fourth District Court of Appeal for the State of Florida refused to revisit its ruling.

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