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Health Effects of Asbestos

Asbestos Disease has Killed over 43,000 People since 1979*

The health effects of asbestos can be devastating for individuals and their loved ones. Asbestos—widely used in the military, construction, automotive and many other industries—is known to cause serious diseases such as asbestosis and asbestos mesothelioma. Often the health effects of asbestos don't manifest for years or even decades following a victim's asbestos exposure.

When these adverse health effects of asbestos do become evident, asbestos disease is often aggressive and even fatal.

We are dedicated to helping patients and their families understand the health effects of asbestos and how to manage asbestos disease (including asbestos mesothelioma). We seek to provide our visitors with resources and information that will help them make important decisions and assist them in getting the financial, medical, and emotional support they need, as well as a means to seeking asbestos legal help.

*Evironmental Working Group data (

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Death Rates for Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Higher in Charleston Death Rates for Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Higher in Charleston
Charleston, SC: It’s been some 20 years since the naval shipyard at Charleston, in South Carolina, closed for good. And while there were thousands of lost jobs in connection with the closure, the Post & Courier (3/17/16) reports that some have lost more than their jobs in association with a facility that served as an employment hub for Charleston for some 95 years. To that end, the death rate in the region for asbestosis, asbestos cancer and asbestos mesothelioma is double the state rate and even higher than the national average. Little wonder that many families turn to an asbestos lawsuit for compensation.

Asbestosis Class-Action Lawsuit Promises Many Twists and Turns Asbestosis Class-Action Lawsuit Promises Many Twists and Turns
Hartford, CT: A most interesting asbestosis lawsuit is percolating in Hartford, Connecticut, that carries various storylines and potential outcomes: alleged asbestos exposure at the workplace when the employer had emphatically stated there was no asbestos present, followed by testing that confirmed there was; an asbestosis compensation lawsuit recently approved for class-action status even though Workers’ Compensation law may prohibit some plaintiffs from participating; a class-action lawsuit skewed toward future medical monitoring given that exposure occurred within the last six years, whereas it can take decades for asbestosis disease to develop…

Ford Motor Co. to Face Asbestos Lawsuit Ford Motor Co. to Face Asbestos Lawsuit
San Francisco, CA: A San Francisco family who filed an asbestos lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. has been given the go ahead to continue their lawsuit against Ford and two other defendants. A state appeals court reinstated the lawsuit finding that the family provided enough evidence that a jury should decide whether or not Ford was responsible for the victim’s asbestos exposure, which resulted in his developing mesothelioma.

Mammoth Asbestos Trial Scheduled This Month in Kentucky Mammoth Asbestos Trial Scheduled This Month in Kentucky
Owensboro, KY: An asbestosis lawsuit brought by plaintiff Doris White and scheduled to go to trial this month underwent some changes in December of last year, although the case was preserved.

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